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Course of Study

Coach training and certification for all levels of experience

Coach training and certification

Rigorous coach training, grounded in an inclusive model of human development. Delivered face-to-face, where we can best explore human engagement.

  • Leading edge integration of mindfulness, somatics, developmental psych, interpersonal neurobiology and other fields
  • Live, in person small group training
  • Continual focus on coach development
  • Published competency model of tools and methodologies to support profound change
  • Three to four day retreats plus virtual work
  • Beautiful retreat setting with gourmet locally sourced organic food
  • All courses taught in English

Presence-Based Coaching® training is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation’s highest level. For those exploring ICF credentials at the ACC level, the fastest and most cost effective package includes PBC I, PBC II, and Mentor Coaching.

We also provide Presence-Based Coach certification to those who complete our full Course of Study, including the LIPCC advanced course and live coaching exam.

Course of Study

  • PBC I: Being a Development Partner

    Part I is primarily based on the book The Mindful Coach. Integrate your authentic presence into a pragmatic coaching model.

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  • PBC II: Evoking Self-Generation

    Part II is based on the book Presence-Based Coaching. Evoke presence and resilience in your coaching clients. Work with somatic and language-based coaching methods. Completes the core model.

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  • Mentor Coaching Course

    Delivered virtually. For PBC II students, graduates and above. Rigorous practice and feedback around PBC competencies. The Mentor Coaching Course starts 2-3 weeks after the completion of every PBC II.

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  • LIPCC: Living in Presence Coaching Course

    Our flagship PBC certification course. Pragmatic curriculum and experience in contracting, designing, delivering coaching programs. Rigorous self-development in a community of learners.

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PBC Course Dates

Presence-Based Coaching Course (Level 1)


Fall 2024

  • PBC I – Sept 9-11
  • PBC II – Oct 28-31
  • Mentor Coaching begins Nov 18

Registration open

LIPCC Course Dates

Living in Presence Coaching Course (Level 2)

Offered once per year


LIPCC 2024

  • Initial retreat – October 21-24, 2024
  • Closing retreat – April 7-10, 2025

Now Accepting applications

Christina Geithner, PhD

One of the most powerful educational experiences of my life. Elements included a master teacher and coach; artful design; rigorous content and expectations; a variety of experiential learning activities offering multiple ways of knowing (cognitive, physical/somatic, and psycho-social); regular application of knowledge and skills. All in the context of a learning community fostered throughout. This epitomizes an accelerated learning experience in a supportive environment, offering personal and professional transformation at an exceptional value.

Christina Geithner, PhD Certified Presence-Based® Coach and ICF-ACC, Adjunct Faculty, School of Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University