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Community Resources

This section of the site contains a LOT of resources, and ways to engage with this growing community of coaches, leaders, and authors of change.

  • The Embodiment Podcast

    Bebe Hansen was interviewed in a lovely conversation with Allison Lindsay of the Embodiment Podcast, as part of the Embodied Facilitator organization.

  • Centering Practices

    Here’s a gift from PBC and our faculty!  You’ll find a list of recorded centering practices that have been offered in various PBC classes

  • Explore Presence-Based Coaching Webinar

    Free webinar offered live three times a year, to introduce Presence-Based Coaching to the curious, and to re-ground others in the core principles of this method. Continuing Coach Education (CCE’s) available.

  • Community Offers

    Brief descriptions of offers available through us and with peers for on-going learning and development, and communities of practice.

  • Virtual Courses

    For several years, we have offered virtual courses on special topics. These are intended as continuing education for our community of coaches.

  • Additional Trainings and Workshops

    Information and possible content for Bebe Hansen and PBC Faculty speaking and teaching services.