Doug Silsbee and Bebe Hansen are available for keynotes, custom workshops, ICF chapter events, and virtual teaching.

Doug Silsbee Keynotes

Provocative keynotes created for your audience, in partnership with you.

Doug has spoken to audiences ranging from 10 to 500. Doug’s keynotes always challenge participants’ ways of seeing the world, while evoking an experience of immediacy, connection, and presence. All sessions integrate experiential components, humor, poignancy, pragmatic application, powerful graphics, and lots of engagement with the speaker and each other.

Topics include:

  • Mindfulness and Presence in Coaching
  • Coaching Leaders in Complexity
  • Building a Culture of Resilience
  • Seeing, Being, and Doing for an Unknowable Future
  • Coaching and Evolution: Authoring the Great Story
  • Leadership in a Complex World


Bebe and Doug offer half-day to three-day custom workshops anywhere in the world. Conferences, ICF professional development sessions, client teams and events.

Bebe Hansen

We offer on-site workshops in the Presence-Based Coaching methodology. These can be done as half or full day introductory workshops, on up to multi-day or multi-event certification programs.

Specialized workshop topics include:

  • Evoking Presence with Clients: The Key to Resilience
  • Mindfulness in Coaching
  • Engaging the Whole Nervous System in Learning
  • Presence as Leadership Foundation
  • Coaching for Clarity, Resilience, and Wise Action
  • Inside Out: Coaching for Presence
  • Introduction to Presence-Based Coaching
  • Coaching Leaders in Complexity

Virtual Sessions

Bebe and Doug offer 60- 90 minute audio classes and webinars.

Themes are similar to the workshops topics above.

Please contact Doug or Bebe directly to discuss potential speaking engagements.