Coach TraininG

Leading-edge ICF Accredited Coach Training and Presence-Based Coaching Certification

Our program integrates coaching, developmental and integral psychologies, somatics, interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness. Coursework is deeply grounded in a robust model of human development. Some of our students have been coaching for years and have run into the limitations of existing coaching models. Other students are new to coaching. Both of these groups are now integrating Presence-Based Coaching® methodologies to expand what they offer. This work is smart, leading edge and accessible.


Coach Training Highlights

Experiential and mostly face-to-face

Fully accredited by ICF at Level 1 & Level 2

The only coach training program we are aware of with a published competency model

Primarily taught directly by the principal and a deeply committed and skilled faculty that embodies the work

Pragmatic, rigorous, and relevant in today’s world

Emergent and evolving

Flexible in pacing of coursework

Program Options

Course of Study

Presence-Based Coaching is one of the only coach training programs that provides the flexibility required no matter what coaching path you are on. Whether you are looking to to obtain ICF certification at the ACC (Level 1) or go on to become a Certified Presence-Based Coach PCC (Level 2), or to renew your ACC or PCC credentials, we have the program for you!


What’s Included

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PBC I, PBC II, and Mentor Coaching

Completion of Core Practitioner Program is a prerequisite for the Advanced Practitioner Program

(Payment plans available)



Small cohort, in-person training in a retreat setting

15-20 person cohort

15 person max cohort

Meals and lodging included

Accredited by ICF

Level 1 Accredited by ICF
70 coach training hours

Level 2 Accredited by ICF
Additional 75 coach training hours

Training hours meet ICF Credential level requirements



Printed manual of tools and training materials

Access to personal online Student Dashboard with coaching materials, resources and templates

Easy to use platform that supports cohort connection, sharing resources, and coordinating coaching practice sessions.

Mentor Coaching Class included in the program


Coaching Performance Evaluation

At the ACC Level

At the PCC Level

Step by step guidance on getting ICF credentialed, including ICF Credentialing Exam Prep

Successful completion = designation as Certified Presence-Based Coach


Robust Alumni network with ongoing CCE’s available in free bi-monthly virtual calls


Which program is right for me?

Our Core Practitioner program is where everyone must start. This program gives you a solid coaching foundation with our unique methodology, tons of tools and practices to use with clients, connection to a cohort of students who are learning and growing alongside you, all while sharpening your coaching skills the whole way through.

The Core Practitioner program has 3 parts – PBC I (in person 3-day retreat), PBC II (in person 4-day retreat) and Mentor Coaching (virtual, 3-month class). It usually takes about 12 weeks to complete PBC I and II, and another 3 months to complete Mentor Coaching, for a total of 24 weeks or 6 months of training. This Core Coaching course gives you enough coach training hours to pursue your ICF coaching credential at the ACC level.

If you’re interested in continuing on with us to develop Advanced Coaching skills and become a Certified Presence-Based Coach, you’ll want to start with the Core Practitioner course, and then continue on with our Advanced Practitioner Course (LIPCC) which lasts 6 months. This Advanced Coaching course gives you enough coach training hours to pursue your ICF coaching credential at the PCC level.