Additional Trainings and Workshops

We offer half-day to four-day custom trainings and workshops anywhere in the world. Conferences, ICF professional development sessions, client teams and events.

On-site trainings and workshops in the Presence-Based Coaching methodology.

These can be done as half or full day introductory workshops, on up to multi-day or multi-event certification programs.

Specialized workshop topics include:

  • Presence-Based Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Presence-Based Leadership
  • Presence-Based Resilience
  • Introduction to Presence-Based Coaching
  • Mindfulness in Coaching
  • Engaging the Body and the Nervous System in Leadership Development

Presence-Based Coaching Skills for Leaders


This training targets leaders, managers and supervisors and includes a focus on understanding coaching skills that can be translated to a leadership context, while building the relevant leadership coaching skills, tools, and competencies through practicing them in the training in order to become more effective and produce better outcomes.

  • Discern what coaching is and isn’t
  • A coaching skills framework, with tools and techniques to practice and implement in your leadership conversations right away
  • Discover how to use these impactful coaching competencies: active listening, powerful questioning, actions and accountability
  • Understand the neuroscience of coaching: how to build neural networks for yourself and for those who report to you that lends a coaching perspective and produces needed results

Coaching…What It Is and What It Isn’t

As leaders and colleagues, we wear many hats: the one in charge, the expert, the mentor, and the counselor. All of these have one thing in common: providing answers and advice. Coaching is different. It’s about engaging with people and helping them to discover their own answers to their challenges and opportunities. Using coaching skills enables others to build their own awareness, spark their own critical thinking, brainstorm their own options, and determine their actions to move forward.

A Coaching Conversation Framework

You will learn a very practical coaching skills model that gives you everything you need. This simple, yet powerful coaching framework is scalable — it works for a 5 min water cooler conversation AND for a longer, developmental, problem-solving or opportunity seizing conversation.

Coaching Competencies

In this action learning we will help you build your awareness of and build important coaching competencies for leadership. These include how to be more present, listen actively, ask powerful questions, encourage actions and hold others accountable.

The Neuroscience of Coaching

These are not just “soft skills.” There’s “hard” neuroscience involved with the brain and body. Learn a little neuroscience and a lot of practical embodied ways to build your own and neural networks to lead effectively.

Virtual Sessions

We offer 60-90 minute video classes and webinars.

Bebe Hansen and the PBC faculty are available for keynotes, custom trainings and workshops, ICF chapter events, and virtual teaching.

Please contact us to discuss further.