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Mentor Coaching Course

Delivered virtually. For PBC II students, graduates and above. Rigorous practice and feedback around PBC competencies. The Mentor Coaching Course starts 2-3 weeks after the completion of every PBC II.

Content Focus

  • practice coaching and skill building, using full range of competency model
  • peer coaching and feedback on yours and others’ coaching
  • building self-observation systems for your coaching
  • recognizing and working with coaching habits
  • building confidence and presence as a coach.
  • personalized and specific feedback on your coaching through audio reviews

General Description

Mentor Coaching is invaluable for deepening your integration of Presence-Based methodology, working with your own habits, and preparing you both for credentialing with ICF and for the Presence-Based Coaching certification exam.

The Mentor Coaching Course includes 10 hours of instruction:

  • seven hours of group coaching with live participant and faculty feedback
  • faculty review of individual written or live feedback on three recorded coaching conversations

All interactive work is conducted via conference call.

The Mentor Coaching process can begin as soon as the completion of your PBC II retreat, and will extend for a minimum of 3 months. Each cohort includes four to eight students. Cohorts begin at a specific time and date; times for the remaining four group calls will be scheduled as a group during the first call. (Note: ICF requires that all class calls be attended live; any missed calls must be made up at extra cost.)


Five group calls spread over three months, plus individual audio review work with individualized feedback. PBC II is a pre-requisite. 10 ICF coach training hours, all distance learning.

Who This is For

The Mentor Coaching Course is available to students who have completed the PBC II retreat.. The course is a requirement for certification as a Presence-Based® Coach, and is specifically designed to meet the ICF credentialing requirements.

ICF Training Credits

If you take Mentor Coaching as part of the PBC course package then you will receive 60 ICF hours (26 for PBC I, 34 for PBC II) plus 10 hours for Mentor Coaching. If you choose to take Mentor Coaching elsewhere, ICF credits are an extra $250 per retreat – this includes one audio review, administration, and all documentation.

Specific Areas of Learning Focus

  • increasing range and mastery across the entire Presence-Based Coaching competency model
  • skill development structures for preparation and reflection on your coaching

  • working with habits in real time under pressure
  • observing and providing feedback on others’ coaching
  • receiving and incorporating feedback on your coaching