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The Mindful Coach

Seven Roles for Facilitating Leader Development

Doug Silsbee’s pioneering first book explores the intersection of mindfulness and coaching. It is the first to integrate the practice of self-awareness with a logical and pragmatic approach to developing coaching skills.

The book distinguishes seven “Voices” that a coach uses to catalyze learning in others, and explores how to orient these Voices to the client’s emerging learning, rather than to the unconscious identity needs of the coach.

Lots of exercises, sample dialogues, and practical models for application support a systematic approach for developing your sensitivity and effectiveness as a coach.

Extensive coaching dialogues illustrate a pragmatic road map for coaching conversations that work.

With a foreword by Marshall Goldsmith

Table of Contents

The Being of Coaching: Mindful Service

  1. Cultivating Mindfulness
  2. The Seven Voices of the Coach
  3. The Master
  4. The Partner
  5. The Investigator
  6. The Reflector
  7. The Teacher
  8. The Guide
  9. The Contractor
  10. Self-Development Strategies for the Coach

Epilogue: Coaching as a Journey Toward Mastery

“The Mindful Coach digs deeply, offering a lens and structure for the intimate and necessary connection between relationships and human development. No other skill set or awareness is more important than what is presented in this precious volume.”

Robert C. Pianta, PhD
Dean, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

What Others Say

Kelly Durkan Bean

Doug delivers frameworks for developing real-world leadership skills, while expanding awareness of what’s possible, even essential. Authentic and thought provoking, I highly recommend this important new work.

Kelly Durkan Bean Associate Dean of Executive Education, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD

The Mindful Coach goes far beyond coaching steps and models, offering a path for coaches to work more deeply and authentically to guide their clients to significant new results.

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD Author, The Discomfort Zone, and past President, International Coach Federation

Alejandro Bolaños, PhD

The Mindful Coach is warm, sensitive and intuitive, while at the same time clearly written by a scientific mind. The book provides a simple and cohesive model for the development process, coupled with practical strategies on how to become a more conscious practitioner. Thank you.

Alejandro Bolaños, PhD Consultant, Central America

Patrick Hanaway, M.D.

The tools of coaching that Silsbee outlines, with an emphasis on mindfulness and service, provide the fundamental basis for holistic and integrative physicians to work with patients.

Patrick Hanaway, M.D. President, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

Rod Napier, Ph.D.

The Mindful Coach captures the very essence of what coaching can be. Silsbee marries the art and science of human dialogue, of compassionate listening and advice giving without creating dependency. He guides the reader gently through the seven distinct roles of a true helping relationship. This is a process to be internalized at a deep level and lived every day.

Rod Napier, Ph.D. Consultant, Author, The Courage to Act and ten other books

James N. Bassett, M.Ed.

The Mindful Coach is not just another coaching model. It is a frame of reference for anyone involved in developing people. This highly readable book should serve as a reference for anyone genuinely concerned about helping others. It has had a significant impact on the way I approach coaching and developing others.

James N. Bassett, M.Ed. Employee Development, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

Ann F. Fisher

Doug has a wonderful way of ‘unpacking’ what coaches do, spotlighting critical elements of this challenging work and shining an even brighter light on the being of coaching. I urge you to jump into this rich, thoughtful book!

Ann F. Fisher Managing Director; Integral Coaching International, Shanghai

Harrison Owen

Doug Silsbee has written a useful book for anybody facilitating the growth and development of individuals and groups. His approach reaches deeply into human consciousness and experience where meaningful change and growth occurs.

Harrison Owen Author, Open Space Technology

Publication and Ordering

2004, 2010 (Jossey-Bass new and revised)
ISBN: 0-0470-54866-5
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