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Coach Certification

Presence-Based® Coaching brought richness and depth to my coaching. The faculty’s amazing and flexible support made it as easy as possible to get certification. Completing Mentor Coaching and my exam remotely also honed my somatic phone coaching skills. Still, I keep returning to North Carolina because of the evolving, leading edge content, the extraordinary PBC community, and the many other international faces that make this my “tribe.”

Jackie Crispin Brown Executive Coach and Author, Sydney Australia

We provide our own certification as a Presence-Based Coach.

We also meet all training and mentor coaching requirements for ICF credentials at the ACC or PCC levels, or for renewal of ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials. We provide guidance and support for navigating the ICF credentialing process.

Evidence for our high standards:

  • two influential coaching books underpin our methods
  • fully accredited by ICF as an Approved Coach Training Provider (ACTP)
  • only coach training program licensed by Strozzi Institute to teach somatics
  • training backed by rigorous competency model.
  • founder is an industry leader and featured presenter at ICF conferences and other leading coach training programs.

Certified Presence-Based Coaches receive:

  • free listing and website link via our online coach referral page
  • participation in a strong international community of practice
  • first access to emerging work
  • participation in business-building MasterMind groups
  • use of our logos
  • other benefits

The Short Guide to Presence-Based® Coach Certification

Certification Details

Pathway to Presence-Based® Coach Certification

Certification is a journey of self-development and professional competency. Depending on timing, certification can take place within a year.

Certified Presence-Based® Coaches have successfully completed:

  • The Presence-Based Coaching Course (PBC). Two retreats plus follow-up work.
  • Mentor Coaching (MC). Virtual course, follows PBC II.
  • Living in Presence Coaching Course (LIPCC). Six month course includes two retreats and considerable outside work.
  • Live coaching exam. Included in second LIPCC retreat.

Please note that registration in the coursework and payment of fees do not guarantee certification. The live coaching exam in LIPCC is rigorous and some people are disappointed at working very hard and not receiving certification. We are fully committed to your learning and development, as well as adhering to our high standards and those of the International Coach Federation, who has accredited our training program.

Pathways to ICF Credentials

ICF offers the most broadly recognized industry credential. Our training is pre-approved by ICF, and designed to meet all training requirements.

There are three levels of ICF credential:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) requires:

Level 1 Certificate – Participants who complete the full Level 1 accredited program will be eligible to apply for credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) using the ACC LEVEL 1 Credentialing Application.

  • Completion of PBC I and II,  Mentor Coaching (70 hours)
  • Coaching Performance Demonstration (CPD) by PBC (1 audio recording with transcript)
  • Passing ICF online credentialing exam
  • 100 documented coaching hours


  • Certification as Presence-Based Coach, plus 100 coaching hours and passing ICF online credentialing exam

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) requires:

  • Certification as Presence-Based Coach offers 125 coach-specific training hours, which is required for PCC. Additional requirements are 500 coaching hours, and passing ICF online credentialing exam.

Master Certified Coach (MCC) requires:

  • Certification as Presence-Based Coach offers 125 coach-specific training hours which moves you toward the 200 hours required by ICF. Additional requirements are 2500 of hours coaching, passing ICF online exam, and a performance evaluation by ICF (2 audio recordings with transcripts).

All PBC training hours are in Core Competencies, and can be applied to ICF credential renewal at any level.

Please review the ICF requirements on the ICF website. We provide robust support for students pursuing ICF credentials.