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The Legacy of Doug Silsbee

Doug Silsbee 1954-2018

Doug Silsbee, the founder of Presence-Based® Coaching and Leadership, died from cancer in July 2018. Doug was the author of 3 books, including his last book Presence-Based Leadership. Doug was a master teacher, thought leader in the fields of mindfulness and presence, and created the Presence-Based Coaching curriculum.

Doug was a father, grandfather, outdoor adventurer, and explorer of human development and consciousness. Doug’s legacy continues and we invite you to join the community of practice that is holding this work as it continues to evolve.

  • Doug Silsbee 1954-2018

    Doug was the founder of Presence-Based Coaching, and a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops.

  • Doug Silsbee Library

    Check here for a curated selection of Presence-Based articles, stories, and resources; new content will be added periodically.