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Mission & Values

The world we live in is calling for a new kind of leadership.
The world we live in is calling us all to embody this in our lives & in our work.


Our vision is a world inhabited by people who are awake, in touch with their own aliveness and contributing to a greater good. We support others to discern their commitments, to act from their values, to see their challenges as catalysts for development, and to serve with authenticity, compassion and embodiment.


It is our mission to be, and to foster, leadership coaches and leaders who:

  • work collaboratively, build creative and committed cultures, have a commitment to what matters, and take a stand for what they care about.
  • embody an inclusive view of the world, and who evoke the best in others.
  • sense positive futures, and act in the present to bring them forward.
  • are compassionate, who care about all humans including future generations, and who are open-hearted and kind as well as precise and decisive.


We fulfill our mission by both espousing and practicing:

  • open-hearted, sincere, and direct communication
  • lifelong examination and renegotiation of what we believe and who we are
  • the interdependence of our own development with what we do in the world
  • the present moment as the only moment of choice and right action
  • presence as a form of mastery and as a life long journey
  • congruence of thought, body and action
  • service to the sanctity of all life, including the life of the planet as a whole.

We, and our community, serve leaders who operate nuclear power plants and teach six-year-olds; lead universities and banks and tech companies; express their passion through non-profit environmental work and solo consulting practices; live in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, Europe, and North America.