• Organizing 2.0

    Organizing 2.0

    Let the energy flow!

    I am feeling energized, happy, light, even joyous. I have just spent the last few hours re-organizing the primary filing cabinet in my office. Many of the old, out of date files are now resting in a “to be shredded” pile or safely in a box to be stored. And there is space now in this same loyal filing cabinet for files that are current. Work I’m actually doing in 2023: current trainings and clients, projects I hope to develop, references that inspire me.

    Discovering the Path through Resistance

    Whew! I need to report this moment of celebration has had a long and winding path to get to this particular moment. You see, there’s a long, long, long (and familiar) pattern in my history where I often get stuck in a resistance to organizing and cleaning out my office space. Hello piles! And in the two years since the move to Asheville, there’s been an ongoing time crunch from setting up the business here and delivering this amazing Presence-Based Coaching work (virtually to boot during COVID!).

    How did I get unstuck, you may be thinking?

    I began to notice some mysterious urges in my body around the beginning of January. Urges to move towards cleaning out (!), which I noticed was coming from an aspiration in December 2022 to start the new year with a clean and tidy office space. I mindfully inquired into the deeper meaning of these urges to find the symbology of what was standing in my way as I internally balked at moving forward.

    I began to see that my resistance to organizing my piles of folders on the floor, representing past projects, had to do with my tendency to not complete things (by, say, putting them to bed in a file cabinet). In addition, as I looked at what was already in my filing cabinet with no room for additional folders, I realized that it was filled with files that I moved with from my former house’s office in DC. I just stuffed the folders in there without going through them.  And, even more interesting, they were composed of VERY out of date PBC projects, classes, etc. Like from 2015.

    Out with the Old, Space for the New

    Old, out of date stuff, that was taking up precious space. Space that now I want for current projects. I had this wave of insight, that the filing cabinet represented ME! What I was carrying around inside me, that was ready to be released, to make room for what’s next and new for 2023. At that moment I felt an uplifting energy in my body and heart, and I felt even more mobilized to take action. And I did!

    And there you have it. A happy ending with my sitting here admiring my current folders now in the filing cabinet, and my beaming in appreciation not only of myself, but also of the new year’s possibilities.

    Questions to get you started:

    • What deeper meaning might you find in a current challenge you are dealing with, that if investigated, might lead to insight and newly released energy and motivation to take action?
    • What’s really underneath the surface resistance to making the change you know you want to make?
    • What symbology can you find within your challenge that makes sense of it in a new way?