PBC Cares Coach Sign-up

PBC Cares is a pro bono coaching program

Its purpose is simple:

To match willing certified Presence-Based Coaches with leaders who need some additional support right now. As a Presence-Based Coach you are especially well-equipped to bring forward your coaching Presence and our PBC methodology in service of supporting leaders to manage complexity, uncertainty, drastic change, and emotional stress – all of which are in abundance right now. We ask you to volunteer to provide coaching for at least two clients, each for a 3-session engagement.

NOTE: At this time participation is limited to Certified Presence-Based® Coaches. You do need to  have a listing on the PBC Certified Coaches page in order to participate.

  • Thank you for participating!

We will let you know once your website listing has the PBC Cares designation in place. Do reach out to Jenny with any questions or support once this project gets going.

Thank you for being a part of the PBC Cares offer, we very much appreciate you!