This section of the site contains a LOT of resources, and ways to engage with this growing community of coaches, leaders, and authors of change.

Here are some of these resources:

  • Community Offers: Brief descriptions of offers available through us and with peers for on-going learning and development, and communities of practice.
  • Books: Details, contents, and publication information on Doug Silsbee’s two influential books on presence and coaching.
  • Keynotes and Workshops: Information, video and audio clips, and possible content for Doug and Bebe’s speaking and teaching services.
  • Introductory Calls: Free introductory calls, three times a year, to introduce Presence-Based Coaching to the curious, and to re-ground others in the core principles of this method. Continuing Coach Education (CCE’s) available.
  • Our Certified Coaches: The following coaches have completed our full course of study, including the advanced course and a rigorous exam based on our competency model.
  • Subscribe: We encourage you to subscribe, partly by offering you a free series of brief teaching videos with Doug on the core principles of this work, and because you’ll be among the first to hear of new developments, innovative research and offers, and new Creative Commons resources that you can apply directly in your work.