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We’re extraordinarily pleased to announce the release of Doug’s third book, Presence Based Leadership, official release date is March 16 & 17, 2018

Presence-Based Coaching is built on the foundation of three classic and influential books by the founder, Doug Silsbee. The books, taken together, lay out the core models and teachings of this approach.

The Mindful Coach:
Seven Roles for Facilitating Leader Development

Presence-Based Coaching:
Cultivating Self-Generative Leaders Through Mind, Body, and Heart

Presence Based Leadership

Presence-Based Leadership:
Complexity Practices for Clarity, Resilience, and Results That Matter

Presence-Based Leadership:
Complexity Practices for Clarity, Resilience, and Results That Matter

Presence-Based Leadership is founded on this liberating premise: leaders’ most crucial and complex challenges, rather than being obstacles, are actually doorways for becoming precisely the leader that current conditions require.
Here is a rich field guide to the territory of complexity, and how leaders can navigate it with leading edge approaches that generate clarity, resilience, and results that actually matter.

Silsbee’s new book is his most expansive. A master of integration, he seamlessly weaves fields as disparate as complexity, leadership and adult development theory, mindfulness, and interpersonal neurobiology into a deeply human exploration of how leaders can bring the fullness of their humanity to the most intractable challenges they face. His immensely pragmatic approach grounds new perspectives with intimate real-world examples. He offers specific, field-tested experiments and practices that invite the reader into discovery and application.

This is a radically new and integrated approach to leadership, through which leaders can tap the creativity and resourcefulness of their internal complexity in order to meet a complex world. Through cultivating an embodied leadership presence, readers will become more dynamic shapers of the context in which they lead, and a creative force for what matters in a fractured and dynamic world.

Presence-Based Leadership is the third and final volume in Doug Silsbee’s ground-breaking and influential trilogy on coaching and leadership.

With a Foreword by Kevin Cashman

Table of Contents

Part One: Foundations

  1. 1 The Territory of Complexity
  2. 2 Embodiment, Identity and the Bell Jar
  3. 3 Realization and the Developmental Edge
  4. 4 Nine Panes for Leadership

Part Two: Sensing

  1. 5 Sensing Context: Observe the System
  2. 6 Sensing Identity: Recognize Identity at Stake
  3. 7 Sensing Soma: Attend to Experience

Part Three: Being

  1. 8 Being as Soma: Regulate Inner State
  2. 9 Being in Context: De-couple State from Context
  3. 10 Being an Identity: Embody What Matters

Part Four: Acting

  1. 11 An Attitude of Curiosity and Experimentation
  2. 12 Acting for Connection
  3. 13 Acting for Fluidity
  4. 14 Acting for Stability

Epilogue: Paradox and Integration

What Others Say

Silsbee’s seminal third book offers radical new perspectives on our internal habits of thought, processing of information, and action. He offers a pragmatic and leading edge resource, offering powerful practices and detailed examples for the crucial work of our times: leaders setting an example for others by improving themselves.

– Marshall Goldsmith
Author or editor of 35 books including What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers.

Silsbee offers a powerful and pragmatic field guide for anyone doing difficult community “work.” This unique book will help you recognize and shift your thinking and being, and therefore the foundation of your relationships. Here are the keys to disrupting patterns that keep us and our communities stuck, producing poverty, inequity, and violence.

– Lisa Eby, MSW
Director of HR and Community Engagement Buncombe County, NC

I worked with Doug as a leadership coach during a period of major challenge to the global nuclear industry after Fukushima. Doug’s human approach expanded my leadership thinking and deepened my self-awareness, presence, situational awareness and effectiveness during extremely demanding and complex challenges. This book offers you the keys.

– David Garchow
Retired Vice President/Director, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, World Association of Nuclear Operators

Doug Silsbee’s release of his third book completes a trilogy of comprehensive and ground-breaking work. He elegantly navigates the balance of expansion and pragmatism. Practices, perspectives, and real-world examples reveal keys to leadership presence, courage, and resilience in tumultuous times. Here is an essential, even radical, yet surprisingly accessible book.

– Karen Kimsey-House
   Co-President and Co-Founder, CTI

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Looking unflinchingly at our outdated worldview, Silsbee makes his case with scholarship, grit, and elegant prose. This is a beautifully comprehensive inquiry into leadership. Written with passion, lucidity, and daring, this will be disquieting to some and useful to all; a wise and pragmatic light on the path of fully being human.

Richard Strozzi-HecklerFounder, Strozzi Institute of Embodied Leadership; author of The Leadership Dojo

Presence-Based Coaching:
Cultivating Self-Generative Leaders Through Mind, Body, and Heart

This book builds on the first to explore the essential contribution of presence as a meta-competency for human development.

The book offers a practical map to the territory of working with presence, both within yourself and in your coaching and developing of others. We explore presence as an essential element of human learning and development.

The book maps how presence accelerates and deepens the development process, and offers reliable practices for accessing presence. Extensive coaching moves for bringing presence into coaching are brought to life through illustrative dialogs. Concrete models, extensive references and pragmatic examples ground a robust toolkit for building your own presence and extending it to others.

With a foreword by Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Table of Contents

Part One: Presence, Self-Generation, and Coaching

  1. Presence
  2. How Humans Change: Conditioning, Identity, and Self-Generation
  3. Coach as Development Partner

Part Two: Inner Moves

  1. Orienting
  2. Holding

Part Three: Generative Practices

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Heart

Part Four: Relational Moves

  1. Coach for Self-Observation and Realization
  2. Coach for Re-Organization
  3. Coach for Stabilization

12: Entry, Continuation, Ending


What Others Say

As a coach and a Buddhist, I love this philosophy! It is hard to help others be mindful – if we aren’t. This book offers great ideas on how to do both. This book can help leaders – and coaches – have better lives.

– Marshall Goldsmith
   New York Times best-selling author of What Got You There Won’t Get You There.

Silsbee’s new book is essential reading for educators at any level. He is exquisitely articulate about how learning is enabled through the interaction between people-the very essence of the educator’s role. It is a gift to us that he has so carefully and precisely written about it.

– Robert C. Pianta, Ph.D
   Dean, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

Silsbee has done it again!  Presence-Based Coaching reaches beyond techniques into an exploration of the value inherent in presence itself.  Doug’s passion for the territory, combined with insightful exercises and practices, engaged me in a deeply reflective journey about the impact my being– versus my doing- has on the results I seek to create.

– Charles Tombazian
   Vice-President, Voice of the Customer Office, Avnet Technology Solutions

This book breaks important new ground for coaches, leaders, facilitators and consultants. Doug goes far beyond basics to generously share the wisdom and techniques that built his reputation as a leading coach with over twenty years of success in helping his clients achieve and sustain results.

– Anne S. Davidson
   Associate, Roger Schwarz and Associates, and coauthor, Facilitative Coaching

Presence-Based Coaching is uplifting and practical. It is an essential read for coaches, and for leaders wanting to be professionally effective while living a balanced life. This book radiates presence while offering pragmatic business examples.

– Diana Whitney, Ph.D.
   President, Corporation for Positive Change, and co-author, The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

If intention and authenticity in relationships is of interest, this is for you. Doug offers a supportive and challenging invitation to explore growth and change in ourselves and others.

– Nancy Light
   Senior Associate Director of Philanthropy, The Nature Conservancy

Doug Silsbee nails it, giving us a doorway to experience the power of presence, and to bring it to bear on the development of authentic, purpose-driven leaders. This book is a sensible, grounded must-read!

– Richard J. Leider
Founder, The Inventure Group, and author, The Power of Purpose

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2008, Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 0-0470-32509-7
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Presence-Based Coaching is a powerful guide for those who believe that presence is one of the most important qualities that leaders need. This is essential for coaches and leaders doing the work of developing themselves and others.

Alfred L. Cooke, Ph.D.Director, Center for Organizational Performance

The Mindful Coach:
Seven Roles for Facilitating Leader Development

Doug Silsbee’s pioneering first book explores the intersection of mindfulness and coaching. It is the first to integrate the practice of self-awareness with a logical and pragmatic approach to developing coaching skills.

The book distinguishes seven “Voices” that a coach uses to catalyze learning in others, and explores how to orient these Voices to the client’s emerging learning, rather than to the unconscious identity needs of the coach.

Lots of exercises, sample dialogues, and practical models for application support a systematic approach for developing your sensitivity and effectiveness as a coach.

Extensive coaching dialogues illustrate a pragmatic road map for coaching conversations that work.

With a foreword by Marshall Goldsmith

Table of Contents

The Being of Coaching: Mindful Service

  1. Cultivating Mindfulness
  2. The Seven Voices of the Coach
  3. The Master
  4. The Partner
  5. The Investigator
  6. The Reflector
  7. The Teacher
  8. The Guide
  9. The Contractor
  10. Self-Development Strategies for the Coach

Epilogue: Coaching as a Journey Toward Mastery

What Others Say

The Mindful Coach

Doug Silsbee has written a useful book for anybody facilitating the growth and development of individuals and groups. His approach reaches deeply into human consciousness and experience where meaningful change and growth occurs.

– Harrison Owen
Author, Open Space Technology

Doug has a wonderful way of ‘unpacking’ what coaches do, spotlighting critical elements of this challenging work and shining an even brighter light on the being of coaching. I urge you to jump into this rich, thoughtful book!

– Ann F. Fisher
Managing Director; Integral Coaching International, Shanghai

The Mindful Coach is not just another coaching model. It is a frame of reference for anyone involved in developing people. This highly readable book should serve as a reference for anyone genuinely concerned about helping others. It has had a significant impact on the way I approach coaching and developing others.

– James N. Bassett, M.Ed.
Employee Development, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

The Mindful Coach captures the very essence of what coaching can be. Silsbee marries the art and science of human dialogue, of compassionate listening and advice giving without creating dependency. He guides the reader gently through the seven distinct roles of a true helping relationship. This is a process to be internalized at a deep level and lived every day.

– Rod Napier, Ph.D.
Consultant, Author, The Courage to Act and ten other books

The tools of coaching that Silsbee outlines, with an emphasis on mindfulness and service, provide the fundamental basis for holistic and integrative physicians to work with patients.

– Patrick Hanaway, M.D.
President, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

The Mindful Coach is warm, sensitive and intuitive, while at the same time clearly written by a scientific mind. The book provides a simple and cohesive model for the development process, coupled with practical strategies on how to become a more conscious practitioner. Thank you.

– Alejandro Bolaños, PhD
Consultant, Central America

The Mindful Coach goes far beyond coaching steps and models, offering a path for coaches to work more deeply and authentically to guide their clients to significant new results.

– Marcia Reynolds, PsyD
Author, The Discomfort Zone, and past President, International Coach Federation

Doug delivers frameworks for developing real-world leadership skills, while expanding awareness of what’s possible, even essential. Authentic and thought provoking, I highly recommend this important new work.

– Kelly Durkan Bean
Associate Dean of Executive Education, UCLA Anderson School of Management

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2004, 2010 (Jossey-Bass new and revised)
ISBN: 0-0470-54866-5
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The Mindful Coach digs deeply, offering a lens and structure for the intimate and necessary connection between relationships and human development. No other skill set or awareness is more important than what is presented in this precious volume.

Robert C. Pianta, PhDDean, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

Finally, two truly great books that develop the being of a coach. Nothing else offers such clear and practical tools. A must read for professional coaches and leaders using a coaching approach.

Henry Kimsey-HouseCo-Founder, CTI