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Virtual Courses


For several years, we have offered virtual courses on special topics. These are intended as continuing education for our community of coaches, and also as resources for others interested in Presence-Based Coaching. ICF CCE’s are provided.

The two courses described below are not part of our certification course of study, but rather complement it and provide a deeper dive into one specific aspect of this work. We offer these virtual courses occasionally, check the training calendar for any offerings.

Language, the Body, and Development

Language and Soma as Catalysts for Presence

We communicate what we care about to others through language. Language is how we describe and make sense of the world to ourselves and to others. Language is how we justify our actions. Language arises from, and creates, the felt sense in our bodies.

In short, language is inseparable from our aliveness, our commitments, and our generativity.

For ourselves, as well as for our coaching clients, awareness of habits dramatically increases our range of choice and possibility. This virtual course explores patterns in language as a lens for:

  • recognizing habits and embodied assumptions,
  • being curious about how our language reflects and influences meaning-making,
  • accelerating the natural process of development. and
  • engaging in practices that create new possibilities.

In this retreat, we explore new distinctions in language. We discover clues and guidance for accelerating the natural process of our developmental unfolding. We investigate how our language both arises from and shapes soma. This process invites an integration of linguistic and somatic coaching moves that engage the whole self in learning.

Bebe Hansen, partnering with Carolyn Coughlin, an internationally known consultant/coach in the Kegan lineage of constructive developmental theory and practice. Together, they will teach, practice, demonstrate, and open new conversations around developmental coaching with a focus on language and the body. Consistent emphasis will be on applying this work with clients.

As in the popular Experiential Neuroplasticity course, participants can anticipate a rich experiential approach that focuses on your own developmental journey, while providing pragmatic distinctions and methods you can immediately integrate into your coaching.

11.25 ICF CCE’s are included.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Experiential Neuroplasticity

Attention, the Body, and Evoking a Future

We are coming to understand the remarkable truth that we can permanently influence the structures, defaults, and resilience of our nervous system through how we direct our attention in the midst of moment-by-moment experience.

Over six sessions, we explore how to coach the whole nervous system, using subjective experience as a doorway to sustainable, physiologically supported change. We work with inclusive and directed awareness, self-observation and awareness mapping of mind states, and accessing and embodying congruence. We integrate these tools and frameworks into our self-work and into our coaching with others, holding coaching as an evolutionary act of meta-leadership.

This virtual course has been offered, and sold out, twice. The course offers an exploration, in depth, of some of the foundational science and philosophy for Presence-Based Coaching, along with practices and coaching applications. It does NOT provide a complete coaching model. Rather, this course is a rich supplement to our core training program which, because of demand, we have opened to the public. 11.25 ICF CCE’s are included.

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stem the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.” -Anais Nin

Session Topics:

  • States: The Co-Arising of Experience and Physiology
  • Executive Control of Attention
  • Conditioning, Triggers and Habit Nature
  • Automaticity and Action Impulses
  • State Stability and Biological Co-Regulation
  • Embodied Commitments as a Way of Being

Course Details

  • Six 90-minute classes, every two weeks.
  • All classes will be scheduled for the same time and day.
  • Calls will be held on Maestro, and recorded. If you miss a class, you will be required to listen to the audio and respond to questions via an on-line form.
  • Students will be expected to do some reading, individual practices, and peer coaching between sessions. Expect between one and two hours of work in each two week interval.
  • Students will be invited to coach each other in real commitments using these leading edge methods. You may register yourself at the full price, or register with a partner at a substantial discount.
  • If you register solo, you will be assigned a practice partner(s) at the course start. (All things being equal, we strongly recommend coming with a dance partner you will be happy to practice with! Being assigned a partner is a bit like being assigned an unknown roommate in college: most likely it will work out great, but sometimes it really does not! Please come with your own partner if at all possible.)
  • Enrollment is strictly limited.
  • Course materials and a bibliography will be provided in PDF format.
  • Documentation will be provided for 11.25 ICF Core Competency CCE’s.