New Website for New Times


New Website

I’m writing with exciting news! Our Presence-Based Coaching website has a new look and feel with updated information, easier navigation, and improved functionality to serve you better. This website re-creation has been a labor of love, with contributions from many skilled hands in our proverbial kitchen. My gratitude goes out to those who shared their support and creativity in this project!

New Times

My guess is you are currently finding yourself surrounded by what seems to be endlessly new and changing times these days. I know I do. Even more challenging and complex times than 6 years ago when I took the helm as steward of this work and business.

The ground underneath our feet can seem unsteady or unavailable, and it’s easy to become lost or lose heart. I have found myself recently feeling unmotivated and discouraged when the outside world seems to be going backwards or away from love and towards fear and separation. This comes with a feeling of helplessness.

Reflections on Development

I also notice that as my time as the principal of this business has moved forward on the outside, I have concurrently changed on the inside. Steeping myself in teaching and evolving this Presence-Based work, I happily find that I have developed along with it. Sometimes despite myself (and my resistances!).  My own growth hasn’t always been easy, and at times, it’s been a lonely and hard road. Looking back, I can still say without hesitation, it has been totally worth it. 

It helps me to recognize this bigger view; that in fact, I wouldn’t have become the “me” I know myself to be right now without the challenges I faced along the way. Taking the invitation that life was offering to continually step into what presented itself in the moment. To move towards, to even welcome, what was happening, even if it wasn’t what “I” particularly cared for or wanted. And yes, it’s been a practice to stay present. One that I still haven’t perfected. And that’s the point — that’s the muscle we are all building.  Especially in these times.


Presence-Based Coaching has always been an alive and iterative body of work. That’s one of the things I love most about it. And as such, the work mirrors the reality we are embedded in, which in turn, creates the opportunities to step in, to meet the current conditions and allow them to impact and affect me. To be open to finding new resources inside and outside of me, to be more resilient. I am regularly encouraged and supported by reality to stretch and grow to meet what’s needed and what’s next.

There have been many influences upon this work from our teaching faculty, students, alumni, coaching clients and admin support. All of you have helped shape this work and this business to become what and where it is today. And supported me to be who and what I am today. I could have never come this far as a solo act. It’s been fun and fulfilling to collaborate, create, and innovate with you.

It was probably past time for our website to have a new set of clothes to match our evolution into where we find ourselves now. I want to note it was with some sadness that I chose to leave behind Doug’s favorite colors from our former website. And, we’ve kept the familiar logos, while giving them an updated color scheme that matches my own preferences and style. Our aim was for a clear and inviting message about who PBC is now, the purpose and values we stand on and for, as well as positioning this work for a future that you are all a part of. There’s a lot calling us now in this rapidly moving river of life in which we find ourselves. Glad we are in the boat together!

Take a look around

I am loving our new website “face” in the world, and I hope you do, too. I invite you to check it out!

Please offer your feedback if you feel so inclined – we’d love to hear from you!