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Coaches on Zoom Drinking Coffee Podcast

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We’re excited to announce a brand-new episode of the “Coaches on Zoom Drinking Coffee” podcast, where Bebe Hansen of Presence-Based Coaching sits down with Coaching.com Founder and CEO, Alex Pascal.

In this engaging conversation, Bebe and Alex delve into the profound realm of presence, and how it correlates with coaching. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by distractions, they discuss the challenges we face in staying focused and how our habits can influence our progress.

Here are some of the engaging topics they explore:

  • Navigating the pressures of today’s world and its impact on our focus and presence
  • Unraveling the mysteries of habit nature and understanding why we sometimes stall in our personal growth
  • The tug-of-war between moving toward our desires and away from discomfort
  • Cultivating presence through meditation or attention training
  • The connection between presence and effective coaching

Bebe’s profound insights make this episode a must-listen for anyone seeking to tap into the power of presence and mindfulness in their coaching practice.

Listen to the full episode from October 16th on your favorite podcast app or at https://www.coaching.com/podcasts/subscribe/

Ready to be inspired? Here is a short clip from the episode.



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