Presence-Based Coaching combines a world-class coaching approach with leading edge lifelong learning and a deep understanding of the bodymind as one. The result is an integrated and richly embodied learning experience.

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Doug Silsbee
Founder and Senior Faculty

I am the founder of Presence-Based Coaching, and wrote the two books on which our curriculum is primarily based. I still teach most of our retreats and virtual courses and am very proud of the rigor and innovation in the content. And, I’m proud of the way we take care of students on the path. Most energizing for me is the on-going emergence of the work: it is an alive teaching, and we are all changed by it.

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Bebe Hansen

Bebe Hansen
Partner and Senior Faculty

I love that our PBC work meets the students exactly where they are. It includes both professional and personal learning opportunities. I thoroughly enjoy supporting the development of those who are drawn here. We have people brand new to coaching looking for a cutting edge coaching methodology, seasoned coaches wanting to sharpen, deepen and expand their approach, and leaders who want to develop themselves. It’s a rich mix!

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Sarah Halley
Senior Faculty

What I love most about being part of the PBC faculty is how much I learn through the work. There is a freshness and aliveness in both the content and the process. Being part of the teaching team allows me to be of service in a way that is deeply fulfilling. Together with our students we consistently create a supportive and creative space for people to develop themselves as coaches and human beings.

Sharon Barbour
Mentor Coach

I am passionately committed to the field of coaching as a paradigm-shifter toward wholeness. I’ve been a certified professional coach in private practice since 2007. A strong desire for mastery, particularly with accessing body intelligence and unraveling limiting beliefs, led me to Presence-Based Coaching in 2011. As a Mentor Coach, I delight in helping our student coaches deepen and expand their skills. I am grateful for the community, and proud of our commitment to conscious living and leading for the sake of each other and the earth.

Richard Hansen
Mentor Coach

How can you take your coaching (…and life!) from beyond predictable to Extraordinary? As a PBC mentor coach, I enjoy engaging our community of coaches to deepen our awareness and integration of cognitive, emotional, and somatic competencies. This rich and integrated combination of mind, heart, and gut approaches improves both personal and professional outcomes and develops the leadership capacity of ourselves and of our teams.

Diane Hayes
Mentor Coach

I support coaches on how to improve their skills through the PBC model. I also coach high achieving college students and young professionals. I relish this work because my own self-awareness grows through this work. As I embody and then model the competencies in my coaching and group work, I witness significant growth in my clients. It invigorates me to have work that allows me to invest in others while also investing in myself and being a part of something so expansive!

Jenny Sheehan
Registrar and Administration

I work behind the scenes to make sure that everything with our Presence-Based Coaching and other courses run smoothly. I love interacting with all the students and I get to be on the front lines of following their progress from becoming interested in the program to becoming certified! I am grateful to be part of such an amazing community of people.

Rhonda Medford
Business Manager

It has truly been a gift to be a part of the Presence-Based Coaching team over the years. I am proud of how we support our students and clients, and nourished by growing both professionally and personally from working in an organization where we practice what we preach in our daily interactions.