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Presence-Based®Resilience for Coaches - Virtual Course

Presence-Based®Resilience for Coaches: Tools, Perspectives and Practices for Complex times 


Your inner state is the foundation for resilience: the capacity for creativity, resourcefulness and skillful action, no matter what’s going on around you.

– Doug Silsbee

Most coaches we’ve talked with in our community are working with clients who are struggling with a lot more long-term stress these days. You may find yourself feeling extra stressed as well, and not knowing what might be missing or needed to support yourself and your clients in these ongoing challenging and complex times. The global pandemic, economic uncertainties, social injustice, leadership overwhelm, working remotely, children schooling from home and organizational changes have taken a toll on everyone.

When was the last time you filled your own tank?

This is where the skills of Resilience come in.  We are offering a new Presence-Based Resilience course that offers you new tools, perspectives, and practices to support and build your own resilience as a coach, and that you can deliver to your clients right away.

What does this Presence-Based Resilience body of work enable you to do?

  • When you feel depleted, to be able to return more quickly to a more resourced inner state
  • To be able to respond, versus react, when life throws you curveballs and when you are facing seemingly insurmountable pressures to function despite all that’s going on in your world
  • To embody neutrality and optimism in the face on ongoing uncertainty at home, at work and in relationships
  • To understand you don’t have to go it alone, with the opportunity to engage with a like-hearted community of practice

We suggest that Presence leads to Resilience, which we hold as our individual capacity for choice in the present moment. The power and success of coaching depends on this ability! 

Join us for these lively and experiential virtual sessions, which include teaching pieces, breakout sessions, handouts, mindfulness practices and working in and through the body.

The course also invites you to engage in regular presence practices as well as practice with a partner in between sessions, with fieldwork offered after every class.

We are all living in a time of great change, challenges and often suffering.  Each of us lives in a human body, each of us has unique strengths and gifts to bring to these complex times.  You can enjoy the benefits from being in a learning community and connecting with others on a similar journey.

This 6-week course on Resilience speaks to the very human aspects of how we each are navigating the many changes we face and addresses the need for more Resilience skills that will support us into the future.  How can we be in the world in a way that is resourced, mindful and present? How can we serve others?  How can we be ready for what’s next?

The Resilience Model that will be covered in this virtual course offers us the capacity to support ourselves and others to move towards more freedom from whatever is limiting the expression of each of our particular contributions.  Each of us is needed right now!

Listen to the “Sneak Peek” call from April 9:

Course Details

The Presence-Based Resilience Model presented in this Course that covers the “what” and the “how” of Resilience.  Underpinned by the practices that cultivate Presence, this course offers some new and generative understandings of Resilience that enable you to walk away with new insights, strategies and coaching moves.

This course will have the feel of a Presence-Based retreat with lots of connection and community, in smaller bites over time. You will learn ways to create a more Resilient way of being within yourself, and to embody perspectives and practices that, in turn, directly support you to deliver these skills to your clients.

  • You don’t have to be familiar with or have taken a Presence-Based Coaching course previously to join this course.
  • It is best if you already have some experience in coaching; this will not be a basic coach training course. We will, however, cover material specifically designed to support you as a coach to support your coaching clients.
  • Part of this course will be practicing with a partner in between live sessions. The importance of partner learning:
      • The best way to go about partner learning in this course is to be with someone you know and trust, so we ask you to invite someone you know who might be new to the Presence-Based work or a favorite PBC colleague to join you.
      • There is special pricing if you bring a prearranged partner to practice with.  If you don’t bring a partner, we will assign you one.
      • We invite you to bring a current personal or professional challenge or context where you want to be more resilient (parenting, leadership, coaching, activism, marriage).  This will give you a practice ground to apply the material in this course every week.

Resilience is made up of several dimensions that can be learned and practiced. Our experience in this work reveals that the dual thread of coach development rests alongside our client’s own development.

In this parallel yet individual process, it is imperative that we continue to do our own development work, as our inner state as coaches matters.  As we cultivate our own Resilience, we are able to provide relational and experiential scaffolding around our client’s capacity for Resilience.  Being more at choice supports our client’s own development and movement toward their coaching goals.

This course offers specific tools around six mutually reinforcing elements of Resilience that you can apply in your next coaching conversation while opening up more areas for ongoing practice and skill-building.

Here’s what we want you to emerge with from this course:

  • Understand and embody new and generative perspectives about Resilience that support your coaching and those you serve
  • Practice cultivating your own presence as a practitioner
  • Understand the connecting threads of Presence and Resilience
  • Learn about the dimensions of Resilience, including the “what” and “how”
  • Learn tools to apply right away in coaching conversations
  • Leverage the body as a reliable resource for coaches and for clients
  • Take away tools, perspectives and practices that enable us as coaches to be more Resilient, and to deliver tools that support our clients to embody more Resilience

Schedule and Logistics

  • Six 90-minute classes, starting April 30, 2021.
  • Class schedule:
    • Class 1: Friday, April 30 at 12 PM EDT
    • Class 2: Friday, May 7 at 12 PM EDT
    • Class 3: Friday, May 14 at 12 PM EDT
    • Week off – May 21
    • Class 4: Friday, May 28 at 12 PM EDT
    • Class 5: Friday, June 4 at 12 PM EDT
    • Class 6: Friday, June 11 at 12 PM EDT
  • Classes will be held on Zoom video conferencing and will be recorded. If you miss a class and want credit, you will be required to listen to the audio and respond to questions via an on-line form.
  • Students are encouraged to review handouts, engage in individual practices, and peer coach with your practice partner in real commitments using these leading-edge methods between sessions. Expect about one hour of work in between each class.
  • You may register yourself at the full price or register with a partner with special pricing. Both people should have previous experience in coaching and be able to step into fast-paced experiential virtual learning environment.
  • Save $100 per person by registering with the early bird pricing, available through Friday, April 16 midnight EDT
  • If you register solo, you will be assigned a practice partner at the course start. All things being equal, we strongly recommend coming with a committed partner you will be happy to practice with.
  • Cost:
    • Early bird pricing – good through April 16
      • $475 solo
      • $750 for two (must register together)
    • Regular pricing – April 17 and after
      • $575 solo
      • $950 with a partner (must register together)
  • Course materials, fieldwork assignments, and audio links will be provided on a course resources web page.
  • 15 CCE hours approved by ICF

I love the virtual learning format, the lecture components, the demo coaching and the partnering between sessions. Together it all helps me to understand and apply my learning. I like having time between sessions to do a deeper dive and reflect before moving on and learning new pieces. Finally, by working with the same partner the entire time, the learning was more cohesive as we wove it into our real life situations. Perfect!

2016 Virtual Course Participant