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Event Details

  • Course Fee:
  • Start:
    4th Oct, 2021 9:00am
  • End:
    7th Oct, 2021 3:00pm
  • Timezone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Faculty:
    Bebe Hansen & PBC Faculty
  • Location:
    Bend of Ivy Lodge
    Marshall, NC
    United States
  • Website:
  • Please note:

    $6,450 is the training fee only. The retreat setting lends itself to package options based on this price along with meals and lodging for both retreats, The Final LIPCC retreat is April 4-7, 2022

Living in Presence Coaching Course


Pricing Explanation:

  • Training Fee $6,450
  • Meals and Lodging - Oct retreat $680
  • Meals and Lodging - April retreat $680
  • Total = $7,810

Living in Presence Coaching Course 2021

A Presence-Based® Community of Practice

We are planning to have in-person retreats for this class. If conditions are such that folks cannot travel due to COVID, we will hold the initial retreat in October 2021 on Zoom.

Living in Presence Coaching Course (LIPCC) is our certification course, in which a small group of participants works closely with faculty over six months.

Coaching is the vehicle for the personal and collective exploration of greater aliveness, resilience, and contribution.

Our extraordinary times require leaders that can make bold commitments, stay centered and calm in the midst of intensity, and lead the way toward a more sustainable, harmonious and just world.

We are those leaders, as are those we coach. We are all called to embody contributions relevant to the times in which we live. Please join us in living into the question of how we listen to this calling, and how we respond through extending ourselves, purposefully and authentically, into the world as coaches and as leaders.


Themes of the course

This certification course is for committed students who wish to increase their mastery through application, and/or who intend to become certified as a Presence-Based Coach.

  • Deepening your understanding and practice of Presence-Based Coaching®. In LIPCC, you will apply coaching tools and practices to on-going coaching relationships and life-long development. Retreats, virtual technologies, small group work and supervision provide a range of rigorous structures that support the integration of learning. Leading edge material going well beyond Doug’s published writings is included, and our Competency Model provides grounding for rigorous coach self-development.
  • Following the developmental thread of Sensing, Being, and Acting. We, and our clients, live in multiple commitments that include contribution, self-care, career, and family. These superficially competing dynamics trigger the experience of tension, and they hold the potential of accelerated integration. In LIPCC, we come to see that we are revealed through an unfolding series of commitments that impel us to continually include and transcend our identities in a life-long development process. Coaching and living in presence accelerate this natural unfolding for ourselves and for our clients.
  • Forging a robust community of practice. A central part of the learning will be the development of a co-creative community of practice whose collective purpose is to support the development of our members, and in turn those we serve. We do this primarily through the practice of Presence-Based Coaching®.

Course structure

The course is designed to integrate the Presence-Based Coaching approach into a self-organizing and committed community of peers. Successful completion of LIPCC is a requirement for earning certification as a Presence-Based Coach. 75 ICF-approved hours are included.

Because of the evolving nature of the course of study, course details may change slightly. The current structure includes:

  • An initial peer interview with another participant.
  • A four-day opening retreat at Bend of Ivy Lodge. This retreat will center on conducting coaching interviews, making initial assessments, establishing competency-based coaching outcomes and practices, integrating somatic practices, and launching our Community of Inquiry. We will spend a day working with presence and horses.
  • An individual 30-minute coaching session with Bebe or Amy after the first retreat, along with availability of faculty support by email and brief phone appointments as needed.
  • Two audio reviews of recorded coaching sessions, and two written case studies. You will receive extensive faculty feedback and assessments on your work.
  • Five monthly conference calls that include in-depth study of the competency model and exercises, demonstrations, group discussion and/or live coaching.
  • One mid-course community virtual conference to practice accountability to coaching outcomes, and to refine coaching approaches mid-stream.
  • Six “pod” coaching calls in trios, in which participants coach each other towards their commitment, and receive assessments on their coaching.
  • On-going coaching relationships with at least two outside clients on which students receive supervision and feedback through self-assessments, case write-ups and audio reviews.
  • A four-day closing retreat at Bend of Ivy Lodge, incorporating somatic practices, coaching around commitment, and teaching on Presence-Based Coaching. This retreat will focus on coaching for completion, contextualizing coaching in a life-long evolutionary development process, a final live coaching certification exam, and completing our Community of Inquiry.
  • Reading and additional resources include a community website, audio recordings, and cutting edge conferencing technology. Doug’s two books are required pre-course reading; additional reading is also required.
  • A final, live coaching exam with a live client in front of the class and two assessors, required for completion of the course.
  • Documentation of certification as Presence-Based® Coach, and documentation of completion of ACTP requirements for ICF credentialing (IMPORTANT: certification is NOT GUARANTEED, and is dependent on completion of all requirements and a successful live exam.)
  • Optional participation, during LIPCC, in PBC I and/or II retreats, at ridiculously low cost.

Specific areas of learning focus

  • assessing client readiness and contracting
  • developing rigorous competency-based coaching outcomes
  • working with client commitment and breakdowns
  • assessing progress against outcomes
  • integrating a focus on outcomes with working with real-time emergent challenges
  • creating immediacy and relevance with present moment experience
  • maintaining coach presence
  • accessing the full range of coaching moves with fluidity and ease
  • completing the coaching engagement

Prerequisites and key dates

Prerequisites for LIPCC are:

  • completion of the full Presence-Based Coaching Course,
  • applying and being accepted, via a process that requests self-assessment around some key capacities required of participants (see application link below,)
  • reading The Mindful Coach and Presence-Based Coaching before arrival, and
  • completion of at least four Presence-Based Coaching conversations with each of two different clients (eight total conversations.)
  • Completion of the Mentor Coaching course is highly recommended, and required to become a Certified Presence-Based Coach.

If you have concerns about meeting any of the prerequisites, please let us know.

Key dates:

  • Application deadline: September 3, 2021
  • Deposit will be due one week after acceptance
  • Full payment deadline: September 13, 2021
  • Initial retreat: October 4-7, 2021
  • Final retreat: April 4-7, 2022
  • Conference calls for the entire course and Mid-Course Conference will be scheduled at the initial retreat; pod calls will be arranged by members.

Application and costs

IMPORTANT: We expect the 2021 class to be full and wait-listed, as past classes have been sold out. While early application does not guarantee a spot, we actively encourage your early application or expression of interest. We accept well-qualified students on a rolling basis, and we pay close attention to who is forging a relationship with us, and how. We prioritize students who have completed Mentor Coaching and/or otherwise demonstrated a clear commitment to PBC mastery and certification.


  • A non-refundable initial deposit of $500 is required to reserve your space.
  • Training fee – $6,450
  • Meals and lodging – $680 per retreat
  • Total cost = $7,810
  • Full payment is due by September 13.
  • A payment plan is also available for a $150 finance fee (3 payments auto-charged every 60 days).
  • Cost includes training fee, materials, conference calls, supervision, and coaching with Bebe or PBC Faculty.
  • Not included are required and recommended books.

To apply for LIPCC:

  1. Please download the LIPCC Application Document
  2. Email your completed application to Bebe and Jenny no later than the  deadline (earlier is strongly encouraged!)

Please note: Class size is strictly limited. Applications will be reviewed in the order received. We will acknowledge receipt of your application promptly, and let you know of your acceptance status on a rolling basis. If you are accepted, you will be sent registration information and requested to confirm your spot with your deposit.

Logistics and registration details

  • Location: We are planning to have in-person retreats for this class. If conditions are such that folks cannot travel due to COVID, we will hold the initial retreat in October 2021 on Zoom. In-person North Carolina retreats are held at Bend of Ivy Lodge, a secluded and beautiful retreat center 20 minutes north of Asheville. Retreats include long hours, morning practices, and evening sessions. Because the community experience is a vitally important element of the course, this is a residential program, and staying off-site is not an option.
  • Meals and Lodging: In addition to the training fee, lodging and meals are $680 per retreat. This includes single occupancy lodging for most participants (with double occupancy for a few participants), shared bath, and gourmet meals prepared with locally sourced, organic foods. Meals are provided Monday breakfast through Thursday lunch. Lodging is provided Sunday night through Thursday at 2 PM ET.
  • Cancellation policy: If you must cancel your registration for any retreat or course, all fees paid minus a cancellation fee will be refunded, as long as the conditions outlined in the terms and conditions are met. If those conditions are not met, no refunds will be provided. See more details on cancellation policies on the Terms & Conditions page.

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