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  • Timezone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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    14th Sep, 2020 9:00am 16th Sep, 2020 5:00pm

  • Faculty:
    Bebe Hansen & PBC Faculty
  • Location:
    Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Please note:

    Training fee is $1,400. The course fees included in the package options include early bird and package discounts. We encourage registration for the full course for maximum value.

Registration for this course is closed, the course is full and wait-listed. Please email Jenny to be added to the wait list. Should a space become available you will be notified.

Fall Presence-Based®Coaching I - Now Virtual!

I wasn't sure a training so somatic in nature would work well in a virtual environment. This proves that intention and passion trumps space and time. A virtual environment of care and compassion was created here that made us feel that we were right next to each other sharing space. In this current pandemic environment, this shows how we can still support, share and care for one another even if we cannot physically occupy the same space.

Dwaneen A Hicks State of PA

The Presence-Based® Coaching Course is a two part course. While PBC I is self-contained and will provide a strong foundation for coaching with presence, participants will only receive the benefits of the full model from attending the whole course. Completion of Presence-Based Coaching I is required before attending PBC II. Course fees include tuition, materials, and post-retreat virtual follow-up classes. Required pre-reading text for each retreat is not included (The Mindful Coach for PBC I; Presence-Based Coaching for PBC II.)

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 global situation, we have decided to hold our Fall PBC I & PBC II courses virtually. We have held all of our PBC I and PBC II courses virtually since May and they have been very well received by participants.

Logistics and registration details

    • What’s included: Course fees include tuition, materials, and post-retreat coaching calls. Required pre-reading textbook is not included.
    • ICF Training Credits: If you take Mentor Coaching as part of the PBC course package then you will receive 60 ICF hours (26 for PBC I, 34 for PBC II) plus 10 hours for Mentor Coaching. If you choose to take Mentor Coaching elsewhere, ICF credits for PBC I & II are an extra $250 per retreat – this includes one audio review, administration, and all documentation.
    • Location: All North Carolina retreats are held at Bend of Ivy Lodge, a secluded and beautiful retreat center 20 minutes north of Asheville. Retreats include long hours, morning practices, and evening sessions. Because the community experience is a vitally important element of the retreat, so and there are no nearby alternatives, we strongly recommend staying on-site. If you have a special situation and prefer to stay offsite please let us know and we can offer options.
    • Meals and Lodging: Meals and lodging are included as part of the package. Lodging and meals prices include double occupancy lodging, shared bath, and gourmet meals prepared with locally sourced, organic foods. Meals are provided Monday breakfast through Wednesday lunch. Lodging is provided Sunday night through Wednesday at 2 PM ET.
    • Single upgrades: A very limited number of upgrades are sometimes available for an additional charge of $30/night. Please note any extenuating circumstances that require a single, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Note your request in the Comments field in the shopping cart, and you will be added to the wait-list. If upgrades become available, you will be notified in the order received, and be invited to confirm. Assume, however, that double occupancy is the norm.
    • Cancellation policy: If you must cancel your registration for any retreat or course, all fees paid minus a cancellation fee will be refunded, as long as the conditions outlined in the terms and conditions are met. If those conditions are not met, no refunds will be provided. See more details on cancellation policies on the Terms & Conditions page.
    • Special Pricing: Payment plans can be arranged for a small financing charge, inquire with Jenny.

More about this program

The Presence-Based® Coaching Course is a two-part program. This course provides a pragmatic toolkit for accelerating your own development and that of those you serve. We focus on building and extending our own presence, and on specific coaching moves and models that awaken and support long term efficacy in our clients.

Attending will build your foundation of Presence-Based coaching skills, with a particular orientation toward developing the whole person. The course is grounded in a model of human development, leading toward the capacity to be present and a learner in all of life.

General Description

Each part consists of approximately two hours of pre-work, a three or four-day retreat, and two one-hour virtual follow-up classes. Part I: Being a Development Partner can be taken as a stand-alone program appropriate for any level of coaching experience. The focus in PBC I is on the presence of the practitioner. This focus on presence, coupled with a powerful architecture for the coaching conversation, invites the conditions for development.

Taken with Part II: Evoking Self-Generation, the entire course offers an entry into a coaching approach with considerable depth, challenging even for experienced practitioners.

Our overall promises for the Presence-Based Coaching Course are that you will build observable new competency in coaching, greatly enhance your coaching presence, contextualize your coaching in a robust model of human development, and be more self-generative in your own life.

Who This is For

The Presence-Based Coaching Course is designed for:

  • experienced coaches, facilitators, and OD practitioners seeking to integrate somatic and presence-based coaching into their work
  • business and non-profit leaders using coaching to develop people and build relationships
  • new and aspiring coaches wanting a coherent and integrated coaching approach
  • educators and other helping professionals who recognize that their way of being, and ability to ask artful questions, is essential for the learning and empowerment of others.

Specific Areas of Learning Focus for PBC I

  • distinguishing somatic, emotional, and cognitive awareness
  • working with your own habits, attachments, and aversions as a coach
  • cultivating and holding mindful presence in a coaching partnership
  • distinguishing and coaching through seven distinct roles
  • framing artful questions for catalyzing awareness, defining outcomes, and mapping a plan of action
  • working with metaphors and distinctions
  • designing body practices and self-observations
  • building an integrated development plan

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