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Doug Silsbee Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

The Doug Silsbee Scholarship Fund was the brainchild of one our advanced PBC students, and is established to support those potential students who would like to attend Presence-Basesd Coaching or Presence-Based Leadership training, and are limited by financial constraints. This Fund is being hosted by the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina (CFWNC), we are no longer taking donations.

Scholarship Application

In honor of Presence-Based Coaching founder the late Doug Silsbee, his teaching partner Bebe Hansen, and devoted colleagues, friends, family and students have created a scholarship fund in Doug’s memory. Intended to expand the reach of Presence in coaching and leadership, Presence-Based Coaching (PBC) and Presence-Based Leadership (PBL) will award one or more scholarships to an individual(s) within a US-based non-profit or public agency whose mission encompasses equity and justice, the environment, or education in under-served communities. The non-profit or public agency will be chosen based on its commitment to either apply these concepts throughout their organization or that the recipient be able to directly serve their client base.

The recipients of these scholarships will be either a seasoned leader of a non-profit or public agency or a someone within a non-profit or public agency who wants to further their own learning as a coach. Those who receive a scholarship will be exposed to the rigorous and grounding concepts of Presence-Based Coaching or Presence-Based Leadership. In each of the PBC/PBL programs students are required to invest in self-reflection, engage in regular learning practices and to operate in community. They must be willing and committed to work on their own development, as well as willing to use their learning to serve others. It is our hope that it is the explicit commitment of the selected candidate, and the organizational leadership within the non-profit or public agency, to create a culture of Presence-Based Coaching and Leadership within their mission and to extend this culture to those they serve in their community in order to more broadly bring awareness to possibilities.

The scholarships will cover partial or total training cost. The non-profit, public agency or the applicant personally, will be expected to provide funds to cover the costs of lodging, meals and travel (if applicable). For an explanation of the courses offered and the schedule, see our Training Calendar.