The following coaches have completed our full course of study, including the advanced course and a rigorous exam based on our competency model. While each brings a different background, and may offer services to widely different clientele, all are grounded in the principles and practices of Presence-Based Coaching and have met our rigorous requirements. We are proud to be associated with these coaches.

Please contact these professionals directly to inquire about their services. As always, we recommend that you interview at least two coaches to determine the best fit.

Sharon Barbour
Madison, WI

Jose Eduardo Bolaños
Nicaragua, Central America

Shanta Coleman-Derr
Brooksville, FL

Kathy Conron
Arlington, VA

Jackie Crispin Brown
Sydney, Austrailla

Stacey Curry Lee

Anne Davidson
Charlotte, NC

Luckett Davidson
Louisville, KY

Vivienne H. Dutzar
Spokane, WA

Lisa Eby
Asheville, NC

Linda Ford
Austin, TX

Rod Francis

Chattanooga, TN

Christina Geithner
Spokane, WA

Melisa S. Gillis
Boston, MA

Katherine Golub
Greenfield, MA

Renée Gregorio
Santa Fe, NM

Katarina Haddad
Montreal, Canada

Sarah Halley
Philadelphia, PA

Beb Hanson

Beatrice W. Hansen
Washington, DC metro area

Richard Hansen
Washington, DC metro area

Tom Hardison
Boise, ID

Jack Harris
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Mary Harwood
North Carolina

Ronni Hendel-Giller
Los Angeles, CA

Roxi Bahar Hewertson
Brevard, NC

Laurie Hillis
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Larry Hulsmans
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Terry Humphrey
Nashville, TN

Barbara Hunter
Cary, NC

Kelly Irons
Charlotte, NC

Jean Johnson
Minneapolis, MN

Kris Miller
Washington, DC

Jeff Munn
Carbondale, CO

Melanie Nichols
Falmouth, ME

Jennifer Overall
Washington, D.C.

Emma Parnell-Klabo
Richmond, VA

Mark Rovner
Takoma Park, MD

Jean-Francois Thibault
Montreal, Canada

Ross Ungerleider
Corpus Christi, TX

Susan Walters
Asheville, NC

Marilyn Woodard
Houston, TX & Tulsa, OK