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Virtual Language Course

February 14, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - April 25, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

- $475

Language, the Body, and Development:
Language and Soma as Catalysts for Presence

We communicate what we care about to others through language. Language is how we describe and make sense of the world to ourselves and to others. Language is how we justify our actions. Language arises from, and creates, the felt sense in our bodies.

In short, language is inseparable from our aliveness, our commitments, and our generativity.

For ourselves, as well as for our coaching clients, awareness of habits dramatically increases our range of choice and possibility. This virtual course explores patterns in language as a lens for:

  • recognizing habits and embodied assumptions,
  • being curious about how our language reflects and influences meaning-making,
  • accelerating the natural process of development. and
  • engaging in practices that create new possibilities.

In this retreat, we explore new distinctions in language. We discover clues and guidance for accelerating the natural process of our developmental unfolding. We investigate how our language both arises from and shapes soma. This process invites an integration of linguistic and somatic coaching moves that engage the whole self in learning.

Doug is partnering with Carolyn Coughlin, an internationally known consultant/coach in the Kegan lineage of constructive developmental theory and practice. Together, we will teach, practice, demonstrate, and open new conversations around developmental coaching with a focus on language and the body. Consistent emphasis will be on applying this work with clients.

As in the popular Experiential Neuroplasticity course, participants can anticipate a rich experiential approach that focuses on your own developmental journey, while providing pragmatic distinctions and methods you can immediately integrate into your coaching.

11.25 ICF CCE’s are included.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

I love the virtual learning format, the lecture components, the demo coaching and the partnering between sessions. Together it all helps me to understand and apply my learning. I like having time between sessions to do a deeper dive and reflect before moving on and learning new pieces. Finally, by working with the same partner the entire time, the learning was more cohesive as we wove it into our real life situations. Perfect!           — 2016 Course Participant

Tentative Session Topics

  1. Commitments, Language and the Bell Jar
  2. Language and the Subject –> Object Move
  3. Relationship with Emotions as a Development Catalyst
  4. Perspective-Taking and Seeing Systems
  5. Assumptions as Constructions of Reality
  6. The On-going Re-negotiation of the Self

Course Details

  • Six 90-minute classes, starting February 2017.
  • Classes are February 14, March 2, 14, and 28, and April 11 and 25. All calls are on Tuesday except for March 2, which falls on a Thursday.
  • Classes begin at 12 PM Eastern.
  • Calls will be recorded. If you miss a class and want credit, you will be required to listen to the audio and respond to questions via an on-line form.
  • Students will be expected to do some reading, individual practices, and peer coaching between sessions. Expect between one and two hours of work in each two week interval. Students will be invited to coach each other in real commitments using these leading edge methods.
  • You may register yourself at the full price of $475, or register with a partner at a substantial discount for $375 each ($750 for both partners). Both should have previous experience in coaching, and be able to step into fast-paced experiential virtual learning.
  • If you register solo, you will be assigned a practice partner at the course start. All things being equal, we strongly recommend coming with a committed partner you will be happy to practice with. Being assigned a partner is a bit like being assigned an unknown roommate in college. Most likely it will work out great, but sometimes it really does not!
  • Cost: $475 solo or $750 for two (must register together)
  • Course materials, audio links, and a bibliography will be provided on a course resources web page.
  • Documentation will be provided for 11.25 ICF Core Competency CCE’s.

Carolyn Coughlin Bio

Carolyn is a founding partner of Cultivating Leadership, a firm that works with organizations and individuals to help them increase their capacity to lead across complexity, ambiguity, and change.  She is the co-founder of the Growth Edge Network, and she trains coaches in the theory and practice of adult development. Carolyn’s coaching and leadership development work is informed in part by the 10 years she spent as a management consultant, and in even greater part by the journey of her life.

From going on her first multi-day backpacking trip in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana at the age of 9, traveling and working in six different Latin American countries in her 20’s, living on the campus of a boarding school for 17 years, moving her family to New Zealand in 2012 and back to the US in 2013, and currently waking up every day to the miracle of being the mother of three amazing teenagers, Carolyn is a commitment to living life fully.

Virtual Language Course with a Partner

  • You and your partner
  • Start date February 14
  • 12 PM EST
Must register together, please list name & email of partner in comments

Virtual Language Course Solo

  • Solo
  • Start date February 14
  • 12 PM EST
You will be assigned a partner


February 14, 2017 @ 12:00 pm
April 25, 2017 @ 12:00 pm


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